Tragic death of Kimberly, a minor who died in La Muga Hotel

Kimberly Melissa, 14, was found dead in a motel, a lousy suicide in Morelos.

Kimberly’s traumatic death at Hotel “La Muga”

Kimberly Melissa is a minor under the age of 14 and a victim of suicide in Morelos. This incident profoundly saddens her family.

According to El Universal, Kimberly had left her home in Cuautla after accepting guidance from a man around 28, whom she met on social media.

According to information from the local media El Diario de Morelos, Kimberly Melissa lives with her uncles because of her parent’s separation.

As soon as they noticed something unsettling about Melissa’s absence, the uncles went to the authorities to report her disappearance.

Very quickly, only about two days later, a body was discovered in the car hotel “La Muga” room in the same city. After relatives confirmed it was Melissa, the body was handed over to them.

The minor’s schoolmates, acquaintances and family accompanied her at a funeral. The ceremony was filled with balloons and white ao dai, and the assistants sang a lullaby, “To the rorro girl”, in tears.

Father and son arrested for the crime

On May 5, agents from Morelos and Michoacán reported the arrest of 23-year-old Jorge Alberto “N” on Emiliano Zapata Street, Centro neighbourhood, in the municipality of Arteaga.

Similarly, Jorge “N”, 51 years old, the father of suspect Alberto, was arrested a day earlier on Prolongación Morelos street, in the neighbourhood of Tenencia Guacamayas, in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas.

A woman was killed, and her body was left on the street

Residents made a tragic discovery on Antiguo Camino Street in Colonia Provinciana when they saw a woman’s body on the road.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning; when people in the area started going to work, they saw a woman’s body on the sidewalk.

As soon as they approached, they noticed that the woman’s body was motionless, and there were signs of violence on different body parts. Hence, residents immediately called the emergency number for the local police…

Violence and death of women in Mexico are alarming

In 2021, more than a thousand women were murdered in Mexico. About 197 were by firearms and 222 by knives, with the remainder by other means, according to the Security Systems Executive Secretariat figures. National Security.

In 2020, 978 women were murdered; in 2019, 973 were killed. By crime count in 2021, the State of Mexico comes out on top with 145 murders of women, followed by Veracruz, with 70; Jalisco, with 70; Nuevo León, with 66 and Mexico City with 69.

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