The thief’s family wants to sue for the tragic death

The thief's family assured him that the owners of the house where the young man was trapped could help him. However, they did nothing. Of course, the young man died!

Tragic death of a trapped thief

a thief has died after burrowing himself into the bars of a house, and his family wants to denounce the house’s owner.

A few days ago, a young man in the San José neighborhood entered the house, presumably to steal. However, he got stuck in the advert.

Due to tri ho, people living in the area and neighbors ran out and found the trace of a young man calling for help.

An eyewitness recorded a viral video on social media that showed the alleged criminal having lost blood from being trapped. According to El Universal, they alerted the 911 Emergency System. However, it took 20 minutes for the authorities to arrive.

When paramedics arrived in the area to try to help the man, he bled to death. The young man’s family said it was trying to report to the house owners where the man died.

Because they made sure they could help him, but they didn’t want to do anything for him, which caused his death.

“They were able to help him but nobody did anything,” lamented the family of the alleged criminal, according to Opinion Campeche.

A butcher accused of murdering his partner is in hiding

An operation was conducted to locate a man accused of murdering women in Campeche, and the victim was his sexual partner.

The events were recorded at a Central de Abastos facility located in the Santa Ana neighborhood when the defendant, a professional butcher, was arguing with his girlfriend, according to media outlet Por Esto.

The man was holding a large knife and tried to attack his partner at least twice.

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