The Important Women of Fernando del Solar

Fernando del Solar is such a wonderful man that he has had several romantic relationships. But the longest and most controversial relationship was with her partner Ingrid Coronado, both of whom were hosts of Venga la Alegría on TV Azteca.

The sudden death of Fernando del Solar, former Venga la Alegría host on TV Azteca, took the entertainment world by surprise this Thursday, June 30, 2022. Besides the unexpected sad news. Suspicious of his death, public opinion is also much about the longest relationship, but at the same time controversial, that is with Ingrid Coronado, his former colleague.

Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado

The longest and, at the same time, most controversial relationship was the one that Fernando del Solar had with Ingrid Coronado, Fernando’s former partner in the Venga la Alegría show on TV Azteca.

The relationship between the two began in 2008, but their love ended when they decided to part ways amid the illness that Fernando del Solar was battling, cancer.

In their official marriage, they gave birth to two sons, Paolo and Luciano. Ingrid Coronado is prominent in many roles, including TV host, singer, and actress. However, she is also a writer and has promoted her own children’s books.

Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro

After his divorce from Ingrid Coronado, Fernando del Solar fell in love and married again. His new partner is Anna Ferro. They got married on March 22, Fernando del Solar confirmed on his social media. The love process between Ferro and Del Solar lasted three years until they decided to get married.

Anna Ferro is Mexican-Italian and loves yoga. 2016 was when he officially met Fernando del Solar.

Fernando del Solar and Alejandra Prado

After breaking up with Ingrid Coronado, Fernando del Solar was in a relationship with actress and model Alejandra Prado. Prado should have helped Del Solar fight cancer because she knows food products.

However, the fact that the two have a romantic relationship is not confirmed publicly, as Prado only posted a photo taken with Del Solar on Instagram, 10 years ago.

Fernando del Solar and Ivette Hernandez

Before Fernando del Solar married Ingrid Coronado, the former host of Hoy on Televisa, he was in a relationship with Ivette Hernández.

Although Del Solar is about to marry Ivette Hernández, there are rumors that he is in a relationship with Ingrid Coronado. Specifically, after breaking up with Ivette, Fernando found a new life partner, Ingrid Coronado.

Hernández is a presenter, narrator, and mixed martial arts commentator. Currently, Hernández is participating in ESPN shows.

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