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The hard life of a sloth!

Referring to sloths , we think of slowness, laziness, lying on the tree all day. But in fact, sloths have more mysteries to explain their slowness.

The hard life of a sloth
Referring to sloths , we think of slowness, laziness, lying on the tree all day. But in fact, sloths have more mysteries to explain their slowness. Overall, it is rated as one of the species with the most “extreme” lifestyle, but not because they only poop once a week. First, lazy is extremely slow. The maximum speed that this species moves is only 0.25 km / h. That helps sloth hold the record as the slowest mammal on the planet .

According to zoologist Becky Cliffe, the reason laziness is so slow is because they can’t see the way. 60 million years ago, sloths lost their sight, so they were almost blind. So during the day, when it’s too bright, I can’t see anything. That’s why they also move less to prevent falling from the tree.

Although slowness is considered a human defect in the working environment as well as many other problems, for lazy, slow but sure. First, slower means less energy burned. In fact, sloths use about 90% less energy than normal mammals, so their meal requires only a few leaves. In addition, slow helps lazy to hide better.


Skilled predators like jaguars or eagles, which rely on movement to detect their prey, have a hard time spotting sloths. Thanks to an extra rare vertebra in the neck, sloths can turn their heads 270º, helping them to smell predators coming in all directions and this is especially useful when it spends most of the day looking for prey. lying motionless on the tree.

In fact, slothssleep, mate and even give birth while hanging upside down from a tree branch. To do this, their bodies are also unusually designed. Sloth’s hands have special tendons to help fix the posture. The nails are long and have hooks at the tips of the fingers to help them grip more firmly on the tree. Hanging upside down from a tree might think it would cause blood to rush to the brain like we humans do, but no, lazy has a special valve in the circulatory system to prevent that from happening. On average, once a week, lazy will bet its whole life to climb down the tree, to … poop. About 60% of deaths from being eaten by other animals occur while lazy going to the toilet. It was indeed a difficult task for this animal. And after each poop, sloths release waste that makes up 30% of their body mass.


And yet, every time you hit the ground is a risk of death, so you have to make good use of it. Sloths poop is actually a double thing, they secrete pheromones – scent signals to attract mates. Turns out, just sit still, love will come is real.

The mystery of sloths does not stop there, but you also need to find behind their shaggy fur. A sloth’s fur is literally a jungle. The humid tropical environment that sloths live in makes their fur suitable for algae growth, giving them a green camouflage. You can even find beetles, cockroaches and a species of moth that can’t be found anywhere else except on a sloth. Lazy of course don’t care about the world on them.luoi-tinhte-1.jpg

Scientists also found a fungus on the fur of sloths that can fight breast cancer cells and even malaria. From now on, you can give up thinking that lazy is boring. Actually, this slow animal is more interesting than you think.

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