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Strange facts you don’t know

Knowledge that you may not know

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 1

The sun doesn’t burn as much as we think it does.

Most of us often think that the sun is burning like a ball of fire. However, the truth is not so, the streaks of light in the sky are not sparks either. In a word, because the mass of the sun is so great, its terrible gravity will hit all the atoms on the sun, making these atoms constantly rotate and crush each other.

In addition, because the sun has a lot of hydrogen elements, 22 hydrogen nuclei crush each other, they will merge and become herium. This process of nuclear fusion will release a huge amount of energy and because this process takes place non-stop, the sun is always burning hot and glowing.

Simply put, it is similar to a metal ball that is heated red from the inside rather than a fireball that is burned from the outside.

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 2

The strangest bird on the planet is the white bellbird – Procnias albus.

This bird possesses a very strange appearance. In the male birds on the part of their beak there is a very long drooping hood that looks like a worm.

However, the strange thing about this bird is not in their singing appearance, but in what is truly monstrous.

The song of the white bellbird was unlike any other bird on earth, it sounded like the sound of a creature from another planet. This whimsical song of the white bellbird is the loudest of any bird and has a loudness of 125 decibels far beyond the safe threshold for the human ear.

It’s similar to asking to stand next to and listen to a Boeing 747 take off.

Of course, listening continuously for a period of time will make your ears deaf. So perhaps this is also the reason that no one is brave enough to bring this bird home.

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 3

Nearly all of us have bad breath, just a little or a lot.

If you don’t believe it, lick the back of your hand and wait for the saliva to dry, then smell it.

Honestly, that smell is the smell that other people smell when facing you. But one thing is really scary that for other people, your breath will smell 2-3 times more than what it is.

There are many people who have regularly brushed their teeth but always feel that their breath still has a bad smell. The reason is because brushing alone is not enough because regular brushing only focuses on teeth and ignores nearly 80% of the remaining area of ​​the oral cavity. The remaining area is where odor-causing bacteria multiply and decompose food particles that create unpleasant odors and unbalance the oral microflora. To solve this problem, you can use specialized mouthwashes.

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 3

VThe lemur is the most playful animal on the planet.

In the forests where lemurs live, there are many poisonous millipedes. Lemurs often take these millipedes into their mouths and pretend to bite with the purpose of causing the millipedes to react by secreting a solution containing cyanide poison. This substance will make the lemur drool continuously.

The mixture of saliva and poison will be rubbed by lemurs on their fur to help them repel harmful insects. However, this is not the main use because after the mixture is absorbed through the digestive tract, the effects and the lemurs are really looking forward to starting to work.

They will first have drooping eyelids, then their eyes will become dull and gradually close. All the senses in the body began to float and time seemed to them to stand still. At this point the lemurs officially enter the high state.

The high state lasted for almost an hour but for them it was not enough, so they continued to search and squeeze out the poor rollers to prolong their high until they no longer knew who they were. After all, they begin to fall asleep, closing a long day filled with hallucinations.

Strange facts that you did not know – Part 4

Humans have made a 3,000-year-old Mummy talk.

Recently, New York University scientists have successfully reconstructed the larynx of a 3,000-year-old Mummy. This mummy is a monk who lived in ancient Egypt.

They carried out this experiment with the purpose of trying to see if it is possible to reproduce human voices in the past.

To do this, they measured in great detail the larynx of the mummy. Then use 3D printing technique

to create a larynx version of Rep 1.1 and then simulate the voice emitted from that larynx and the following recording is the sound reproduced from the 3,000-year-old Mummy.

It is not a complete voice, but scientists think that in the near future, it is possible to completely recreate the voice from the mummies of famous historical figures.

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