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Strange facts you don’t know – Part 8

Mysterious creatures on the ocean floor that not everyone knows

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 8.1

These are the most monstrous creatures in the ocean world that no one would have thought existed.
First is the long sleeve ink

The largest individual ever found was up to 6.4 meters in length.
The tentacles are up to 20 times the length of the body, giving the long-sleeved squid an appearance that resembles an extraterrestrial creature.

Next is the goblin shark

They are given this name because of possessing an extremely fearsome way of hunting.
Instead of biting their prey like other fish, they launch their teeth forward and swallow the whole body of the prey.

Next is an unidentified animal that was filmed at a depth of more than 1,100 meters on the seabed.

This strange animal not only can change shape quickly on their body, but also has strips of bioluminescent lights that constantly change blinking. Overall, it looks like an alien spaceship.

In addition to this rare photo, this creature is still a great mystery to humans.

Finally the Numbo squid

are squid, but their appearance is similar to that of elephants. Due to having a chubby body and very short tentacles. Especially the two fins growing on the head are quite similar to the ears of elephants.

And when in danger, the Numbo squid will crouch and cover their faces like they’re shy

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 8.2

Whales are animals with the strangest evolutionary process on the planet.

Their ancestor is actually a terrestrial animal called Pakicetidae. This animal existed about 53 million years ago. They are about the size of a wolf and belong to the group of clawed animals. Which means whales are closely related to giraffes, deer and hippos.

It may sound hard to believe, but scientists made this discovery thanks to finding countless fossils of whales in the middle of their transition.

At this stage, the parts of whales began to evolve to adapt to the aquatic environment, and this metamorphosis took about 16 million years.

Through fossil samples, it can be seen that their nostrils began to move gradually to the top of the head, especially their ear bones are also abnormally large.

This helps their ears to withstand the pressure when diving deep underwater.
As for why whales are related to giraffes, deer and hippos, their ankle bones will answer this.

While the ankles of most mammals have only an aluminum spur, in the group of animals their ankle claws have as many as two astragalus.

And of course whales and their ancestors also possess this characteristic feature.

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 8.3

It’s not the black hole that’s the scariest thing in the universe, it’s the gamma ray.

This type of ray is emitted from explosions coming from galaxies that are very far away from us. The appearance of gamma rays is also the time when a new black hole is born.

The power of this ray is so great that it explodes in just a few seconds, but the energy it produces is greater than the entire energy generated by the sun.

During its entire existence, what is truly terrifying is that if there were to be a single gamma-ray flash pointing directly at the earth, our entire planet would evaporate instantly.

And humans have absolutely no way to prevent it.
In 2008, there was a gamma-ray flash that shot straight at the earth, but fortunately because that gamma-ray burst occurred at a very long distance, its effect on the earth was negligible.

However, we cannot predict what will happen in the future. Maybe one fine day there is a gamma ray of lightning that hits the earth at a closer distance, then we will all be evaporated from the universe together.

Strange facts you don’t know – Part 8.4

Humans should feel lucky that this creature does not have a great size. That is mantis shrimp.

This object is owner of the top of the speed of the thao tác nhanh và có một đôi mắt cực kỳ phù hợp.

Try to recall all the colors you have ever seen in your life. These colors are produced by three types of light-exciting receptors located in your eyes, and in the eyes of mantis shrimp there are 12 types.

This makes them visible to ultraviolet rays and also to polarized light.
In addition, each eye of the mantis shrimp has 3 different images of the object, giving them an extremely high depth of view.

And each of their eyes can rotate independently in many different directions, so mantis shrimp can observe their surroundings at nearly any angle.

Not only the eyes but also the punch of the mantis shrimp are equally monstrous.

When their speed of attack is equivalent to that of a shotgun bullet, and the force from the punch is so thin that it creates a shock wave that causes the surrounding water to evaporate instantly.

At the same time, it creates a flash of light with a crackling explosion that binds the ears.
Despite possessing the fastest and strongest punch in the animal world, fortunately the size of mantis shrimp is quite modest with a maximum length of only 18 cm, otherwise humans have a new fear in the ocean. positive.

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