Mona will wear the “Mermaid” suit on the opening day of her clothing store

Mona is a famous YouTuber from León, and she will debut as an entrepreneur with the opening of a clothing store before the end of June. The remarkable thing is that she will wear the unique clothes" Mermaid".

Mona excitedly shares about the “Mermaid” outfit

Mona is a popular content creator for YouTube and Facebook and also a partner of Geros. She is a dynamic young person and wants to prove herself as a good businessman by opening her first clothing store. She said she would dress up as a “Mermaid” on opening day.

This exciting event was explained by the Geros couple themselves during a live broadcast with their over 1 million followers on YouTube. They were even excited about the “Mermaid” outfit that Mona would wear that day.

I will show you the shirt I will wear on the opening day of the clothing store. The suit is beautiful, and it’s “The Little Mermaid,” and it has scales, pearls, and glittering stars,” Mona said on Saturday’s broadcast.

In addition to sharing the outfit she will be wearing when she opens her boutique in León, Guanajuato, Mona explained what she would offer in her business.

I’m about to open a clothing store, a business I’ll take on. First of all, I will open it later this month,” Mona said.

The store is large, has a wide range of products and is located in León

Mona adds that the store is a large area and sells future sneakers, hats, clothing, jewellery, bags, and even makeup.

The store will be opened by her partner, Geros, who works in the footwear business, and will be located in her former home in León.

While doing the broadcast, Mona received greetings from countries such as Peru, Argentina, the United States and Colombia. 2022 is the year of Mona and Geros because of the global appeal of the content.

They currently have 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, 7 million followers on Facebook, and 1.4 million on Instagram.

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