Mona and Geros excitedly share about the Hot Wheels version, the brand of mini toy cars

Mona and Geros are famous YouTubers from León and have accumulated one more achievement in life. Both are excited to share the Hot Wheels brand; their cars are toy versions. The product is being seriously researched to hit the market.

Mona is very excited when sharing about the pink car

Mona said: “They wanted to give me a toy car, and the size was like a keychain.” Before introducing a toy version of his pink truck, the Leonese influencer said it was a special edition for them.

“They sent us a Hot Wheels car, which was a miniature version of my truck, and the best part was they put my face on it and had a cool slogan: ‘Just keep dreaming. Big because you set your limits’. In addition, they also put pearls on it and the Barbie logo, “Mona excitedly shared.

“I don’t want to take it out of the packaging, and I don’t even know where to put it, girls; it’s so crazy. Oh, everything is amazing!” Mona added.

Before Geros introduced a toy version of his Camaro, Marisol, the famous influencer’s real name, was grateful that a company as important as Hot Wheels had considered building his cars. They become toy versions.

“They also did a mini car with Geros. This is something very cool because HotWheels is a very important company. I feel lucky that a big toy store noticed us.” added Mona.

Camaro and Ram can be produced commercially for the large market

Shortly after introducing the two toys, Mona and Geros began receiving congratulatory messages from their loyal followers. Mona added that she never had a big brand car and never believed she would be considered for her pink truck.

Geros presents his toy Camaro; the back of the box reads: ‘an angel watches over you from heaven’ and a picture of his father.

Mona announced that they would continue to contact the company to see if they would launch the Camaro and Ram toys on the market.

Geros shared that the company is analyzing whether to bring both toys to the market, which would be another achievement for the famous couple from León.

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