Mona and Geros do Santa Fe Klan-style murals at their own business

Mona and Geros shared a fun video of a Santa Fe Klan-style mural they're working.

Exciting video of almost 30 minutes about El Bavis

Mona and Geros have shared on their YouTube channel. The mural they are both trying to make, the location of the painting outside of their business. The video was excellent and attracted nearly 32,000 Internet users in 4 hours.

In the nearly 30-minute video, Mona and Geros arrive at a unique area where two professional tattooists and airbrushers are working on their artwork. A large man with a black shirt is called “El Bavis.”

Santa Fe Klan-style mural art

In a Youtube video broadcast live, Geros asks one of the artists how he feels when he paints the mural, and El Bavis replies: “Well, I feel like a doctor and doing complicated surgery art.”

Although the wall is enormous, everything is only about 30 percent complete, so El Bavis still needs a lot of time and energy to complete the remaining 70 percent.

On the side of Mona and Geros’ faces, a Lord of Mercy will be placed, as Mona said in the broadcast. Mona also made it clear that the place was not inaugurated today but needed to wait until Saturday or Sunday to get help from Mona’s parents.

Multiple protections for artwork

Various solutions will protect the mural, and the goal is not to let the artwork get scratched. In addition, Mona warned that the area has surveillance cameras and that those who want to damage the painting face severe consequences.

The site address is Mona’s old house, between Delta Avenue and Timoteo Lozano, Colonia Campestre de Jerez.

No grand opening

In the video, Mona also shared that there will be no excellent photo shoot on the facility’s opening day because the primary revenue comes from the business. Mona said: “I don’t know how many people came on the inauguration day. However, we don’t have a serious photo session, and our main activity is pure sales.”

At the end of the video, Geros and Mona point out that the store only sells tennis shoes of various brands, menswear, womenswear, children’s wear, jewelry, hats, and more. Of course, the price is very reasonable!

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