Fernando del Solar is the famous MC of Venga la Alegría and the fierce battle against cancer

Fernando del Solar fought bravely with cancer until the last day of his life. The illness was hazardous and caused him to leave his job and divorce, Ingrid Coronado.

Fernando del Solar has terrible cancer

Fernando del Solar battled cancer in the last years of his life. On July 16, 2012, about 10 years ago, the then host of Venga la Alegría on TV Azteca, announced that he had a tumor in his right lung.

Since that time, Fernando del Solar’s life has changed completely. He lost his job, had to get divorced from Ingrid Coronado, and could not fully recover from his illness. This Thursday, June 30, he passed away. His old show, Venga la Alegría, announced the tragic news.

“About ten years ago, I quickly disappeared from my favorite show. People were eager to tell me what happened? Are you sick or sick? I was terrified because of the incident. The industry is growing very well,” Fernando shared.

Del Solar told colleagues on the show that he had difficulty moving stairs and found it difficult to breathe. In addition, he was neither awake nor able to speak until he went to the doctor, and they confirmed that he had cancer.

“I go to do some tests and some research, they do X-rays, then they do CT scans, blood tests,” he explains.

Del Solar says it was a big challenge in his life. He had to work very hard to find what he needed.

“The result was terrible; it was a tumor that I had in my right lung,” he revealed. Immediately after becoming aware of the disease, the world gradually closed for him, he cried a lot, and it affected those around him, even though he had the support of his children and wife, Ingrid Coronado.

“It was a challenge that I was terrified of,” he said.

Fernando del Solar, from illness to divorce and final traumatic death

Although Ingrid Coronado was the critical piece for Fernando del Solar not to fall apart, their relationship eventually ended in divorce amid illness.

Del Solar and Ingrid Coronado have only been together for 3 years amid illness since they divorced in 2015.

Specifically, the disease Del Solar had was Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which affects the lymphatic system’s lymph nodes.

The former host of Venga la Alegría explains: “This is cancer that cannot be radiated or organ removed because it is systemic; it moves everywhere.

Del Solar said death is always ready to happen, even with treatment. On October 24, 2019, Del Solar encountered many new health problems. “I’m having a health problem, my liver can’t absorb the nutrients, and that’s why I’m losing weight,” he said.

In 2019, Del Solar was hospitalized after having breathing problems. According to journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Fernando del Solar’s recent relapse occurred after his father’s death.

Fernando del Solar was supposed to give a talk in Mérida, Yucatán, but it was postponed due to health problems. Finally, this Thursday, on the Venga la Alegría show, they announced that Fernando del Solar had passed away.

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