Emma Watson is very interested in the role of young Cinderella

Young Cinderella plays a significant role, and Emma Watson shares that she is very excited about this.

Emma Watson is ready for the role of young Cinderella

Actress Emma Watson is in talks to play “Cinderella” in the new version prepared by Disney studios.

The “Harry Potter” star will play a young girl who, before becoming a Princess, must live with her evil stepmother, a role actress Cate Blanchett has confirmed.

In addition to Watson, other young actresses such as Imogen Poots and Gabriella Wilde were good for the lead role, but Disney could not close the project for various reasons.

The script will be written by Chris Weitz, who has worked on films such as “Antz: Little Ants” and “The Golden Compass”, in which Nicole Kidman plays the lead role.

Cinderella is an excellent inspiration for cinema

The fairy tale about Cinderella is an excellent inspiration for cinema. Therefore, the world has released a lot of works inspired by this fairy tale in all genres, such as animation, movies, dramas, musicals, etc.

The first work on the subject of Cinderella was Cinderella (1950). The work is a Disney animated film, and although the film was produced in the 50s of the last century with minimal technology, it is still enough to make the audience fascinated. Three of the film’s theme songs (including A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, and So This Is Love) were in the 1951 Oscar nomination in the category of Best Original Song.

Cinderella (1997) is another popular musical version of Disney. The film was choreographed and written by Robert Iscove and Rob Marshall with the vocals of famous singer Whitney Houston.

The movie version of Cinderella (2015) is Disney’s latest work. In it, British actress Lily James was chosen for the role of Cinderella.

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